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What is a Postcode Domain?

A post code domain is a domain name that is your post code for your suburb Eg: www is used for the suburb “Elinbah” watch our videos and see how a postcode domain package will help you list more and sell more property.

People find you

These domains already have traffic
from people looking for property
in your area. This traffic can be
redirected to your current website
or to a free one we can provide
for you. Receive all the traffic from
this domain before your
competitor does!

Win more listings

In this competitive industry any
point of difference can help you
win a listing and this one is a game
changer! Imagine telling your seller
that you exclusively receive all real
estate inquiries from the postcode
in their area their property will also
be found on the local postcode
domain for the area.

No locked in contract

We are so confident that the
traffic from these domains will
result in helping you obtain more
sales and listings that we will not
lock you in. We believe you will
stay based on the benefits and the
results you receive.

What is a Postcode Domain?​

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The base price included the seo optimized page so that people can find you using the suburbs that are assigned to your postcode in search engines

it also included. a individual website all about You, your Property,Your Listings and your area, check out as an example, this site is included in the basic price watch our video for more information

Search engine optimization for your site and domain names

exclusively yours for your postcode area  watch our video to see more



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